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  • 時間:2018.12.11

    2018 Aqua master Koi Food in Bangkok, Thailand

      Aqua master export sales team went to Bankok for realizing the development of Aqua master Koi Food in December.

      The introduction of Bangkok

      Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and locate in tropical monsoon climate that average degree of year is 30 °C. The city has a population about 10 millions which is the Politics, Economy, Trade, Transportation, Culture, Technology, Education of Center. Its per capita GDP (US$6,729) in 2017 and accounts for 44 percent of the whole Thailand economy.

      Ornamental fish market and pet shop

      There are two main ornamental fish market-Chatuchat and Thonburi. The live ornamental fish night market is famous in Chatuchat fish market and you could see the package with live fish on the ground and if you go further inside of the area which has many pet shops.


      Chatuchak Fish Market

      Chatuchak Ornamental Fish Market


       Aqua master Koi Food Pet Shop-Technic Aquarium

       The well reputation brand -Okiko

      The other is Thonbri fish market locates in suburb of Thailand. The street is not teeming like before because of the trends of e-commerce and pet shop but you could still see many Aqua master Koi food shop.



      Aqua master Koi Food Selling point 


      Thonburi Fish Market


       The Local Famous Brand Sakura and Import Brand JPD 

      According to government data, the dog and cat section has at least 20% growth every year and a lot of pet shops has been set up recently and it attracts pet lovers due to the wide range of pet product and friendly shopping environment. 


      Aquarium Zone 


      Chain Pet Shop-Pet Lovers Centre


      Aqua master Koi Food  Product Display


      Local Brand CP

      As a whole, Aqua master Koi food gains good reputation among the local consumers and continues to deliver strong sales. 

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