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  • 時間:2018.12.24

    2018 South China Koi Show and The 6th Dongguan Koi Show

      The 7th South China Koi Show was held in Humen, Dongguan from 12/1-12/2. The koi farm and koi hobbyist came together in this place. Let`s review the highlight.

       Aqua master Koi Food booth

      The Opening



      The Koi Competition


      The Championship of Koi fish (Shunde Zhang Long Koi farm)

      The first runner-up of Koi fish (Da He Yuan Koi farm)

      The second runner-up of Koi fish(Hai Ri Koi farm)

      The Award Ceremony

       After the whole day competition, Koi hobbyist could make progress in raising skill by this activity and it also develop the koi industry.

      We truly appreciate the Dongguan ornamental association and koi hobbyist who believe Aqua master Koi food quality and performance.

      The Koi Auction

      We congratulate on the South China Koi Show success and See you in 2019.

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