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  • 時間:2019.04.18

    2019 Aqua master Koi Food in Manila, Philippine

          We went to Manila for visiting Aqua master agent and realizing Koi Food market in the end of March.

      The introduction of Manila

          Manila City is the center of Economic, Culture, Education, Industry and the population is around 1.78 millions. Metro Manila area is made up of 17 cites which is the no.6 Metropolitan city in the world and total population is about 20 millions. It`s per capita GDP (US$2,891.36) in 2017. Manila has a tropical savanna climate that means temperature have ranged from 20°C to 38°C.

      Metro Manila

      Ornamental fish market,pet shop, special retail market

          There are two main market: Cartimar and Tiendesitas in Manila. In Cartimar ornamental fish street, you could see a lot of live fish and stock of fish food which remind us the image of Huadiwan fish market in Guangzhou.  

      Cartimar Pet center

      The ornamental fish street in Cartimar

      Aqua master Koi Food in Cartimar

      Hikari in Cartimar

          The other is Tiendesitas pet shop area, well-organized and clean shopping area, it is very comfortable feeling when you see around in Tiendeesitas.


      Aqua master Koi Food pet shop

          Later, we visited Aqua master koi food lovers who give us very positive feedback and satisfy the growth rate and clean water feature, and Koi pond would be clear after feeding Aqua master Koi food.

      EFS Garden

      Koi Village

      Koi Hobbyist house

          In general, the ornamental fish market has become stable recently and the chain pet shop have been open in Manila e.g Pet Express but only focus on the category of cat and dog. We hope it will expand into ornamental fish area in the future. 

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