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  • 時間:2019.06.13

    2019 Aqua master Koi Food in Asia Cup Koi Show in Malaysia

      Aqua master Koi food in 12th Asia Cup Koi Show and visit for ornamental fish market in Malaysia。

      2019 12th Asia Cup Koi Show

          When it comes to Koi show, one of best koi show is Asia cup Koi Show. This time also gather Koi hobbyist all around world and the referees come from Japan, Malaysia, and other nation professional Koi judge. After two days competition, all of Koi have good quality includes shape、texture、pattern. It`s a great honor to sponsor this activity. Let`s review the highlight。

      The professional referees

      Aqua master Koi Food booth

      Award Koi. Credit: Jane Maneerat

      KW Aquatic Supplies Sdn Bhd

          First stop is KW Aquatic who set up aquarium company in 1983 and further expand to Travel, Property, Manufacture, Hotel and so on. Moreover, Aqua master has cooperated with KW Aquatic for more than decades.

      KW Group

      KW Aquatic Aquarium Shop

      • Aquarium shop in Penang

          And we only visited three aquarium shop in Penang because the time was limited. The owner has satisfied with Aqua master Koi Food and also impressed in water clean and healthy growth when feeding Aqua master Koi Food.

      Aqua master selling point--Pusat Akuarium Kampung Bharu

      Aqua master selling point--Park Link aquarium shop


      Aqua master selling point-Song Yak Aquarium

      The ornamental fish street in Kuala Lumpur

          Jalan Pudu street is one of main aquarium street in Kuala Lumpur. There are more than 10 aquarium shop along the street and most of fish food is local brand, especially Aquadine fish food and Dophin aquarium tool are well-known.

      Jalan Pudu Street

      Atarikoi one of the professional Koi farm and also import Japan Koi Fish and Koi Food.

      Local Brand- JB ornamental fish food

      Japan Koi Food

          As a whole, Aqua master Koi Food already become one of well-known brand in Malaysia and famous for fabulous quality food after more than two decades of development.

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