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  • 時間:2020.01.13

    2019 16th Indonesia Koi Show and local ornamental fish market visitation

      Zhongshan president enterprise company export sales team went to the 16th Indonesia Koi Show and visited the local ornamental fish market from 29th Nov. to 1th Dec. 2019. Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago with 17,508 islands, and approximately 300 million people. Raising Koi is a popular culture among the locals, and there are at least about 1,000 fish farms in the country. The ornamental fish production areas are mainly located in East Java (Surabaya, Blitar).

      2019 16th Indonesia Koi Competition

      The 16th Indonesia Koi Competition (Nusatic 2019), held in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE BSD), is the biggest one among the other contests in Indonesia. The event was attended by Koi hobbyists around the world, with 12 judges from Asosiasi Pecinta Koi Indonesia(APKI) and professionals around the globe. A total of 1,003 fish joined this competition. 

      16th All Indonesia Koi Show 2019 

      Aqua master Koi Food booth in the Indonesia Koi Show,Aqua master has showcased 5 categories for Koi’s food pellets: Color Enhancer, Growth, Hi-Growth, Wheat Germ, Staple.

      Indonesia Koi hobbyist inquiring the products of Aqua master.

      Roomful of koi hobbyists and suppliers joining the event.

      First day’s opening ceremony started with programs like officers’ welcome speech, traditional dancing show and ornamental fish workshop, while all the fish farms contestants were busy moving their koi to the tank.

      Fish farm workers moved their Koi to the venue.

      There were 12 judges who came from 6 countries for this Koi show.

      Judges were divided into 3 groups, and they were judging the pattern and body shape.







      Champion fish, reference: APKI.info 

      Champion fish, referenceAPKI.info

      The CENPAKA Prize winner

      The ANGGREK PRIZE winner


      Koi auction for those koi hobbyist

      The bid ranged from IDR 1 billion to IDR 5 billion. Koi show is a good platform for Koi hobbyists to get more chance for Koi business.

      Other ornamental fish shows are mainly goldfish, cichlid, guppy, discus and arowana, etc.

      These fish really have high quality, captivating the visitors with their shape and patterns. This shows that the Koi industry in Indonesia is mature and their valuation skills is among the best ones in Asia.

      Aqua master export team looks forward to seeing you in 2020.


      Local ornamental fish market visitation


      Aqua master in SINAR BARU AQUARIUM, Makaliwe Street



      Visited the local koi importer.


      Local koi fish farmer (left 2), current president of Asosiasi Pecinta Koi Indonesia (left 1)


      There were many new born baby fish on that day.

      Hibiscus beside the koi culture pond.

      Overall, Koi market in Indonesia has a complete structure with Koi importer, local breeder and koi hobbyist. They really care about the quality of koi, therefore, the quality of koi food becomes more and more important than before. 

      Other 2 famous brands Hikari and JPD are also heavily investing in their brand presence in Indonesia.

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