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  • 時間:2017.12.07

    2017 South China Koi Show and The 6th Dongguan Koi Show(Aqua master Cup)


       2017 South China Koi Show and The 6th Dongguan Koi Show was organized in Hanlin Experiment School, Dongguan, Gunagzhou from 12/2-12/3. This Koi show always gathers Koi hobbyist and Koi Farmer from all over the country and the quality of Koi fish is the quite superior than ever.   

      Open Ceremony


      Aqua master(Unif) have devoted to the Koi food market for some decades and have witnessed the prosperity and development of Koi culture China. Furthermore, Aqua master(Unif) have sponsored the South China Koi Show for there years in a row.

      Honored guests and professional referees

      The general manager of Zhongshan President Chiu,Chin-Hsiang for opening remarks

      Ribbon cutting ceremony

      Zhongshan President general manager Mr.Chiu, Mr.Pan and Miss.Chiu

      Zhongshan President general manager Mr.Chiu and Guan Feng Koi farm Mr.Ou

      Zhongshan President sales manager Miss.Liao and Dongguan ornamental association

      Koi Competition


      The Koi fish need to be strictly selected step by step by the referees.

      The professional referees come from Japan and Hong Kong


      The referees evaluate the Koi fish carefully.

      Awards Ceremony

      The list of all winners

      The Championship of Koi fish (Shan Dong Ming Yuan Koi farm)

      The first runner-up of Koi fish(Jiang Men Da He Yuan Koi farm)

      The second runner-up of Koi fish(Jiang Men Da He Yuan Koi farm)

      Awards Ceremony

      The group photo of all winners

      Dinner Party

      The great sales team of Aqua master(Unif)


      We really appreciate for everyone who put a lot of effort into this activity

      See you in 2018

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