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  • 時間:2018.06.11

    The Highlight of Aqua master Koi Food in 2018 interzoo

      The world`s biggest trade fair which gather the global superior supplier for the pet industry. In 2018, there are around 2,000 exhibitors from 100 countries and also attract 39,000 professional buyer.

      Aqua master Koi Food

      The Discussion With The Agent 

      Aqua master Koi Food already entered Europe market for nearly ten years.

      As a Germany agent Mr.Macus said all of consumers satisfied with Aqua master Koi Food quality and he also expanded into nearby countries such as France, Netherland, Italy, and so on by well-located and E-commerce.

      Besides, as a Aqua master Koi Food agent in South Africa Mr .Ralf said he have immense confidence in Aqua master and always promote it in Koi Show. Aqua master will participate in Durban Koi Show in July.

      In the beautiful island” Réunion” Mr. Guillaume who is Aqua master agent said the Koi hobbyist also fall in love with Aqua master Koi food.

      The whole pet market is 98.7 billion last year, especially 45% of households in Germany had pets in 2017 and spent in ornamental fish food which around 54 million. Overall, Aqua master communicated with professional buyer and Koi hobbyist in four days exhibition and all of them also give us positive review about Koi Food. However Aqua master will continually provide high quality service and food for the enthusiast .

      See you in Interzoo 2020

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