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  • 時間:2018.10.25

    2018 Aqua master Koi Food in Hanoi, Vietnam

      Aqua master team visited the ornamental fish market in Hanoi in September, Vietnam and local hobbyist enjoy Aqua master koi food that also become one of the best brand in Vietnam.


      Aqua master Koi Food


      The Ornamental fish village in Hanoi


      There are two main streets Hoang Hoa Tham Street and Hang Dau Street where the  trade market is highly active. Meanwhile the weather is mild and warm which is suitable for raising the koi.

      Hang Dau Street


      Hang Dau Street


      TháiHòa Koi Farm


       Thái Hòa Koi Farm



      Aqua master Koi Food in the Shop


      According to Vietnam Department of Agriculture data, the export market  of ornamental fish market is 15.11 millions USD and year of year rises of 23%. The main market is in Europe which accounts for 60%-70%,includes Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech and so on. The whole market of ornamental fish will reach 40-50 millions USD by 2020. The Yen Phu village is famous for raising the live fish that includes Guppy, Fighting Fish, Tetra and so on.


      Hikari, JPD, Aqua master, Sakura is quite famous brand during our visit.



      Sakura shop 





      Aqua master Koi Food already gains the reputation and the customers enjoy the quality food in Vietnam market and hope Aqua master continually grow in the future. 





       The agent of Aqua master



      The fish farm uses Aqua master Koi Food





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